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Studio d'Arte Toscanella

Welcome to the art studio

The Studio d' Arte Toscanella is located in the heart of the historic center of beautiful Florence, cradle of the Renaissance, more precisely in the area of Oltrarno, a few steps away from the Ponte Vecchio.

We provide courses in drawing and painting through an academic teaching leading the student to discover traditional techniques, with an eye toward modern and contemporary aesthetics.

The studio

The studio is a fine arts atelier, and provides for the deepening and development of realistic traditional art techniques. It has the set up and equipment suitable for the practice of drawing and painting from life.

In addition to classic academic exercises and the representation of still lifes, we practice the art of portraiture and the nude with live models, and also execute various works on commission.

the instructor

Lukas Braendli, born in Switzerland in 1979, bachelor of arts in Lugano, moved to Florence in 2003 to seek a classical artistic education. He graduated in 2007 at the Florence Academy of Art, and in 2011 began teaching at the FDA (Florence Design Academy). He paints and exhibits in Switzerland, France and Italy. In 2014 he opened Studio d'Arte Toscanella where he works and conducts sessions of artistic techniques.

the neighborhood

The neighborhood of Oltrarno, is an artistic district where one can find local artisans, art galleries, museum collections and antique shops of sculptors and restorers, making this learning experience unique and enriching.

The picturesque alleys of the old center and the proximity of piazze and the Boboli Gardens inspire and invite you to study painting in plein air as well as in urban landscape.


We rent out work spaces to artists for short or long periods and also to teachers in order to hold seminars, courses and workshops of various kind.


Studio d'Arte Toscanella

Studio d'Arte Toscanella


We offer intensive short and long-term workshops for groups and individual students. The teaching is on an individual basis and provides a personalized training with step-by-step coaching through the execution of artworks.

Sessions last for 2 to 3 hours or more and students can request morning, afternoon or evening sessions.

It is possible to join our single sessions and workshops at any time during the year. Please contact us for information regarding costs and hours.

Drawing techniques

Drawing is considered to be the fundamental basis of all artistic disciplines. We hold drawing courses using pencil and charcoal emphasizing an observational approach: you will learn to observe and interpret subjects in order to acquire the basics of seeing proportions, learning shading techniques, chiaroscuro and representing volumes.

painting techniques

Students become familiar with the various tools and methods used for painting: the mediums used will be oil, gouache, watercolours or acrylics.

Each student will undertake specific painting exercises in order to be able to develop his own work. Every lesson includes practical demonstrations.
We also provide technical knowledge for the preparation of canvases and supports.

art for kids

Children will find an ideal space for developing their creativity through the discovery of different materials and using various techniques. As it is known, the discipline of drawing not only helps to develop concentration and intuition, but also encourages other skills such as writing and the keen observation of the surrounding world.

Developing their artistic talent in a playful way is essentially a fun and educational activity especially recommended for children.

Whether you are a resident in the area or just passing by we are happy to welcome you for a free test session.

open sessions with live models

Every Tuesday and Friday we hold a 2-hours open drawing session with live models.

Come sketch and draw or paint! Every tuesday is dedicated to portraiture works while on fridays we will focus on nude figure studies.

The cost is 5 euros per hour, the materials are not included, in order to register you can contact 0039 3407371239.


Studio d'Arte Toscanella

Studio d'Arte Toscanella

join us

Here you can see our upcoming workshops and picture galleries from past workshops.

Upcoming workshops

Past workshops

May 18th. Intensive drawing workshop

March 14th. One-day plain air workshop


studio d'arte toscanella

studio d'arte toscanella

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studio d'arte toscanella

studio d'arte toscanella

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The studio is located in the area of Oltrarno, about 15 minutes walking distance from the train station S.M. Novella, just a few minutes away from the Ponte Vecchio, and a few steps from Piazza Pitti. 

Via Toscanella, 33/R

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